An eye for detail & an attitude that strives for nothing less than perfection

Over 100 workers gainfully employed and looking to hire more than 80 new workers in 2022

Our team are our greatest asset. In the last decade Softcom has been proud to be the biggest employer in North-Eastern Estonia. We are dedicated to giving people the chance to do great work.

As such, Softcom provides modern facilities, cutting-edge equipment, extensive training programs to master the fine art of furniture design, principles, upholstery, sewing techniques, knowledge of materials – a 360° overview of and insight into furniture production.

The best thing is that people always see and feel the results of their work – every item undergoes Softcom quality controls prior to shipment.

We have more than 100 workers in Softcom , who on average have been working for us for more than 10 years. Our extensive training programs give people the skillset they need to complete all operations with no faults, with an eye for detail and to the level of quality we expect.

Most of our work is white-label production for furniture brands based on our clients’ design vision, but Softcom also has in-house designers with the imagination and ability to offer creative design concepts for furniture.

Over the years we have formed partnerships with furniture designers working all over the world, so there are no boundaries, only ideas.