Choosing the right material creates the identity of a product

We mainly work with wool-, linen-, and cotton-based fabrics. The natural fabrics we select are of the best quality and functionality, creating a comfortable and lasting experience.

Materials are among the most important features of soft furnishings. Softcom works every day to update its materials selection and stay in tune with the latest global practices.

Softcom primarily works with European leather producers. Our selection includes both natural and protected leathers. The natural leathers are process-treated as little as possible so as to retain the natural look and feel of the leather. Protected leathers have a somewhat heavier finish, with protective layers to maintain the condition of the leather for a longer period of time.

All the materials we use are selected with great care. Softcom uses FCS-certified wood for its frames and OEKO-TEX® 100-certified fabrics. The newest addition to our range is materials made from recycled plastic bottles and ocean waste.