Softcom – a frontrunner in high-end white-label furniture design and production

Softcom has been dedicated to producing high-quality white-label furniture since 1999. The intervening years have proved to us that good quality always pays off.

To ensure the quality of our products we have invested our resources and time into building extensive training programs for our workers. Our loyal team have also created an opportunity to launch mentor programs for new and younger workers. As such, in addition to our five-month training program, new workers are assigned an experience mentor who gives them guidance and takes responsibility for the quality of their work.

We believe that modern design is meant to last, so our aim is to offer clients modern and functional furniture that retains its quality for at least 10 years. Our sofas, recliners,  and all our other soft furnishings will hold their shape and not succumb to wear and tear. Moreover, our timber frames built using Softcom proprietary technology will hold back time for at least 10 years. This is Softcom’s official guarantee.

Modern, functional, high-quality furniture is also shaped by innovation. As such, we participate in all major furniture expos, both on site and online. We search for new trends in design, fabrics, frames, materials, and sustainability and strive to put those trends into practice. A good entrepreneur is never satisfied with the status quo: there is always room for improvement through innovation. To guarantee a global outlook for Softcom design, we have signed partnerships with 23 furniture designers from all over the world.